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Spy Thriller Novel "The Consulate" - Available Paperback or eBook!
"Reminds me of Jack Bauer in 24...Ethical lines being blurred for the greater good!" - Joshua Graham, NY Times bestselling author & winner 2011 winner of Int'l Book Awards.

Motivational book "Pay Attention and Have Fun" - Available Now!

"For anyone who wants to re-invent themselves and pursue their passions!"


CONSULATE$4.99 eBook and $15.99 Paperback                Pay Attention: 1.99 eBook Version
Both books are available for download at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Smashwords.

On Sale Now for your Kindle, Nook, PC or Apple Product Today!  (Paperback version at Amazon!) 

We spend our adult lives so obsessed with our responsibilities that our bucket list goes untouched. The recession opened my eyes to what old people have told me for years about pursuing your passions. I hope you will make the time to pursue your dreams, and encourage others to pursue their passions, too.
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