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The Consulate = The security of the nation depends on a CIA trained FBI Agent!

A Special Agent Wyckoff Mystery... The Chinese risk their diplomatic relationship with the US when they try to compromise a classified project pushed by the White House! Agent Wyckoff uncovers the foreign plot.  If he follows the American laws, the US will lose. But if he's willing to use the tradecraft he learned with the CIA, he may just even the odds. Setting for the book is the San Francisco Bay area.

Pay Attention and Have Fun = A motivational book for anyone who wants to get back on track!

If you or someone you know was ambushed by the recession, has fallen into a rut, or needs more focus, so they can achieve their goals, pursue their passions, and have fun, these are the life tools to do it!

The Consulate available in Paperback and eBook.  Pay Attention available as an eBook.
Books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes Bookstore.


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A Special Agent Wyckoff Mystery        A Special Agent Wyckoff Mystery                 
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